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The Mission of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shop Stores is an omnichannel fishing tackle store with a variety of fishing supply stores and fishing online shops. It is also the largest manufacturer of boats in the world. Bass pro stores also offers an outstanding number of award winning destinations in the area of resorts and outdoor. Another major commitment of Bass Pro Shops is environmental protection and conservation. It is protecting the grat outdoors an all who love it. Therefore Bass pro Shops are inspiring everyone to enjoy the great outdoors. This fishing tackle box also has a Sportsman Club. Members can collect points and win prizes, tackles and great experiences. Bass Pro Shops ist one of the best hunting and fishing stores in the US. You need to order online fishing tackle? Bass Pro Shops are you’re choice.

Bass Pro Shops are dedicated to two central themes: helping its neighbors and honoring its heroes. For Bass Pro Shops, community is not a place but a practice. Every day Bass Pro Shops Stores take the opportunity to support a wide variety of causes, help out in disasters and honor the veterans. Bass Pro Shops support over 2,000 local grassroots non-profit organizations in American and Canadian communities.

Bass Pro Shops proudly support local causes that are close to the hearts of its customers and team members, and helps the people, places and organizations that make communities stronger and more vibrant. It is therefore an extraordinary fishing shop.

Disaster relief of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops support disaster relief efforts. When disaster strikes, Bass Pro Shops are committed to ensuring that first responders and relief organizations receive the resources they need to save lives and create hope.

Bass Pro Shops are committed to nature

Under the visionary leadership of founder Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops have created an unparalleled alliance of over 200 million passionate customers, team members, industry partners and leading conservation organizations. As a result, Bass Pro Shops have had a significant impact on communities and the future of nature.

Bass Pro Shops aim to bring people closer to nature

Bass Pro Shops are working with organizations across North America to help more children fall in love with nature. They are working to counteract and prevent American children from continuing to spend an average of eight hours a day staring at a screen. Bass Pro Shops is committed to the conservation of wildlife and their habitat. Bass Pro Shops protects millions of hectares of critical wildlife habitat from Canada’s prairie-mouth region to Florida’s Everglades.

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops defend the rights of nature users

Since Roosevelt and Audubon, nature users have always been the true heroes of conservation in America. Bass Pro Shops give a voice to hunters, anglers and all who love the great outdoors. At the same time, Bass Pro Shops protects the right to enjoy the outdoor sports we love.

Bass Pro Shops and their involvement with Cabela’s outdoor fund

Every time Bass’ customers shop per store, they can “round up” their purchase and contribute to Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that supports thousands of local projects and leading conservation partners throughout North America.

Johnny Morris Conservation Foundation

The Johnny Morris Conservation Foundation is a major nonprofit conservation foundation that is passionate about promoting conservation. It does so by honoring the traditions of fishing and hunting. The Foundation embodies the lifelong commitment of Johnny Morris. It is about protecting nature and sharing it with future generations so they can enjoy it. In addition to supporting conservation projects across the country, the foundation operates world-class attractions that educate and inspire guests of all ages about conservation.

History of Bass Pro Shops

Johnny (John L) Morris, founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops is a pioneer of retail and travel. He began selling fishing tackle from the backroom of his father’s store in 1972 in his first bait and tackle shop. Johnny has built a reputation as one of the most visionary and influential retailers of the last half century. He is connecting generations with the free nature.

Johnny’s values were strongly influenced by his parents. His mother Genny was one of 10 children who grew up in a two-bedroom house. His father, John A. Morris, grew up poor and was raised primarily by his great-aunt. He proudly served his country in World War II and took part in the Battle of the Bulge. He then returned home to Missouri and became a successful trader around Springfield. Both were born in 1911 to very humble beginnings in the heart of the Ozarks in Willard, Missouri.

Johnny’s parents loved fishing and hunting. They shared their passions with their son. From an early age, Johnny understood that a special respect and appreciation for nature and wildlife is essential while fishing and hunting.

Johnny fell in love with perch fishing and spent five years to the age of 26 in the professional league. As a result of a growing interest in the sport, Johnny founded Bass Pro Shops, an 8 square foot facility in the back of his father’s store in Springfield. This area was the company’s sole location for the first 13 years. Johnny’s passion for the outdoors helped change the industry. His sense of what outdoor enthusiasts want and the shopping experience they want helped him doing this.